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The Geography of Pollution

Epidemiologists in recent years have developed an increasingly precise understanding of the relationship between exposure to airborne pollutants and...READ MORE

Traffic emissions may pollute 1 in 3 Canadian homes

A trio of recently published studies from a team of University of Toronto engineers has found that air pollution could be...READ MORE

Plume-based analysis of vehicle fleet air pollutant emissions and the contribution from high emitters

An automated identification and integration method has been developed for in-use vehicle emissions under...READ MORE

Rapid physical and chemical transformation of traffic–related atmospheric particles near a highway

Atmospheric Pollution Research (APR) is an international journal designed for the publication of articles on air pollution...READ MORE

Development of a land-use regression model for ultrafine particles in Toronto, Canada

This study applies land-use regression (LUR) to characterize the spatial distribution of ultrafine particles (UFP) in a large city...READ MORE